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Address Palacio de los Verdugo
C/ Lope Nuñez, 4
05001 Ávila (Ávila)
Concejalía de Patrimonio
Telephone 920 35 00 00
Visitas mensuales13273


The walls of Ávila are a great setting. This immense defence construction can inspire fear, admiration and dissuasion, but it has been the stage of the many events that have taken place in the city. It has also been a scenario on which reality has fused with imagination. There are many legends that use these solid walls as a mysterious stage for their denouement. Each year, a number of legends are represented on the walls and they are very popular with the general public.

The following are some of the favourite legends among the people of Ávila and where reality ends and fiction begins is a matter of personal choice.