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From defence construction to World Heritage Site

The work carried out during the 19th and 20th centuries affected the entire perimeter of the city walls. The repair and restoration work before their designation as a National Monument on 24 March 1884 was of a sporadic nature as it followed no particular project and focused on maintaining their utility as a defence construction. The work carried out later was supervised by the state and followed a project drawn up by an architect. It focused on the maintenance, restoration and artistic conservation of the walls as national heritage to favour their purpose as one of the city's sights.

Over the two centuries in question, the work on the walls pursued four different goals:

  • 1- Reinforcement as a defence construction.
  • 2- Restoration and maintenance.
  • 3- Separation from and demolition of adjoining buildings in pursuit of an idealised image of the walls.
  • 4- Refurbishment and reinforcement.


One century after the walls had been designated as a National Monument, the city received two recognitions of particular importance:

  • - 1982. Its historical centre was designated as a Site of Cultural Interest (under the category of Historical Site) by Spanish Royal Decree 3940/1982.
  • - 1985. The UNESCO designated the city of Ávila as a World Heritage Site.
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