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Address Palacio de los Verdugo
C/ Lope Nuñez, 4
05001 Ávila (Ávila)
Concejalía de Patrimonio
Telephone 920 35 00 00
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Domain: http://www.muralladeavila.com
Owner: Ayuntamiento de Ávila
Registered office: Plaza del Mercado Chico, 1
Tel.: 34 920 35 40 00
E-mail: por determinar
Tax No.: P-0501900-E


By virtue of the domain at muralladeavila.com, the City Hall of Ávila provides information of general interest about the city of Ávila and, in particular, information about the walls of Ávila.

The information provided is current at the time of publication.

The City Hall of Ávila strives to ensure that the information is correct and accurate and updates it as quickly as possible in an attempt to avoid errors and correct them as soon as they are found. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the City Hall of Ávila cannot guarantee the non-existence of errors or that the content of the information is permanently up-to-date.

The City Hall of Ávila may, at any time and without the need for prior notice, modify, delete or update the information contained on the website at muralladeavila.com or its configuration or presentation.

Access to the domain at muralladeavila.com and the use of the information it contains are the exclusive responsibility of the user. The City Hall of Ávila hereby declines responsibility for any damages that may arise from said circumstances and cannot guarantee that the access will not be interrupted or that the content or software that may be accessed is free from error or will not cause damages.

The information provided in response to any query or request for information is given merely as guidance and will not be binding for the resolution of administrative procedures under any circumstances, where said procedures are strictly subject to the applicable laws and regulations.

The website at muralladeavila.com includes links to pages on third-party websites, mainly other public administrations, which are considered to be of possible interest for users. The City Hall of Ávila hereby declines all responsibility arising from the connections or contents of said links.

The website at muralladeavila.com, the graphic design, information and code it contains are the property of the City Hall of Ávila unless another owner is expressly indicated. Furthermore, they are protected by intellectual property law.

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